Second edition of Yudansha is out, and the Errata for 3.0

The Second edition v3.1 (Released July 2018) IS OUT NOW!

It is also available as coil bound to make it more practical to use in the dojo. In the future there will also be a luxury version with full colour on all pages and hard cover for real hard core collectors.

The direct link to Lulu with all the book versions is

I found these errors, and made these changes to the new edition.

Errata for the First edition v3.0 (Released May 2018)

    • p.42 JŪMONJI … Move the right foot back to Kōsei no kamae. Zanshin.
      (I forgot why I wrote Hōi no kamae, couldn’t find the source so I changed back to Kōsei)
    • p.49 TAIHENJUTSU MUTŌDORI got the wrong kanji, it should be 体変術無刀捕型
    • p.79 OMOTE. With your left thumb and ring finger… Grab his left Hoshizawa with the right hand…
    • p.81 URA. (Not wrong, but I switched left to right so it matches the picture).
    • p.83 MUSŌ-DORI …His left wrist is trapped with your left arm, the left Shutō is covering his elbow,
    • p.92 YUME NO MAKURA. (Not wrong, but I switched left to right so it matches the picture).
    • p.105 RYŌTE. (Not wrong, but I switched left to right so it matches the picture).
    • p.145 ŌKYO. Should be a left Shitō-ken.
    • p.162 YŪDANSHA. I got the wrong kanji, it should be 雄段者
 which means Man, male or husband. In this context I would say all grown up black belt.

Please write a review what you think about the book, I really appreciate that! Thank’s Norman for your kind words.


The direct link to Lulu with all the book versions is


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English, Perfect-bound Paperback, 96 pages richly illustrated with pictures and illustrations.

This book is a guide for beginners in the Bujinkan Dojo. Everything about the rules and expectations of you as a pratctitioner, etiquette and traditions as well as the most fundamental techniques in our beautiful art.

  • 天略の巻 TEN RYAKU NO MAKI (The scroll of Heaven)
    Here we learn to move the body naturally and effectively. Essentially how to become a good Uke (receiver of techniques). When Hatsumi Soke’s own teacher Takamatsu Sensei started training over 120 years ago as a young boy he was thrown around the Dojo by the seniors for a year before he was taught any techniques. This gave him a good foundation for the next level.

About the Author: Mats have been training Bujinkan Budo-taijutsu since the early 1980’s. He travelled all around the world to train and teach Bujinkan Budo-taijutsu.

Print details: 6″ x 9″, perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (90# weight), full-color exterior ink.